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Lick a snail or swallow a fly? 

41 deviants said Lick the snail :<
31 deviants said Swallow the fly :ohnoes:


Meow!!! xD
Thu Apr 5, 2018, 3:12 AM
Hahaha go for it!! I bet i'd be ducklishy cute
Fri Dec 29, 2017, 2:57 PM
You are a candy bar!!
Tue Dec 26, 2017, 10:30 PM
I really like your work! Keep it up!
Tue Dec 26, 2017, 4:53 PM
Thanks for the favs & the llama ^^ means a lot
Fri Dec 15, 2017, 12:27 PM
Trick or Treat!^^
Tue Oct 31, 2017, 1:14 AM
Happy Birthday! :cake: :party: :hug:
Sat Oct 28, 2017, 10:30 AM
Wish you a very happy birthday ! :cake: :party:
Sat Oct 28, 2017, 8:43 AM
Sat Oct 28, 2017, 1:05 AM
shoutbox flattery war xDD
Tue Oct 3, 2017, 2:33 PM



Apr 26, 2018
4:38 pm
Apr 26, 2018
3:14 pm
Apr 26, 2018
2:35 pm
Apr 26, 2018
1:26 pm
Apr 26, 2018
1:18 pm




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Candles by LewdTea

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Artist | Traditional Art


Commisions are open, just note me.

roe skull (free to use) by AkumiIrako

Hi, my name is Aya, I welcome you to my profile! Please feel free to give your opinion!! :blackrose:

If you like my work,
please give me a like on Facebook too!

Some of my personal favorites from the last weeks, please CTRL+CLICK to open them in new tabs to fave and comment on the pieces you like, show some love!! 

Isn't feedback the thing we all like most?  black heart [version 1]  salmon heart bullet  black heart [version 1] You can make somene's day!

                        D : Dungeon Candle by AngelicHellraiser            D : Dungeon Candles (set) by AngelicHellraiser             D : Dungeon Candle by AngelicHellraiser

Iona by candemarzat

Amazing digital piece with such lovely colors, lighting and shading! The jewelry and the details on the book add so much to this painting! 

If he only had a heart by modgud-merry

I like this idea alot! I love how she hold onto the skeleton by it's ribs
Love the color choices and the gold

Du musst weiter gehen by Saoirsa

This looks simply stunning! I love the red on white, blood in snow gives such a great visual effect!
I love both the wolf form and normal form. Love how the blood flows onto her.

Till Death Is Part Of Us by StefaniaRusso

Stunning portrait, with great detail, love the contrast and the cat skeleton with the headpiece and the furnishings on the girl look so pretty too, the strong look in her eyes is so well done!

Fluorite Quartz by Galder

Absolutely a beautiful digital piece! I love all the different colors, the sort of stone it is in.. The shape, it's amazingly done, don't you think?

Amethyst by ormehcym

Another lovely traditional piece of crystals, so well done, amazing contrast!

Cinderella (Lily James) by PrettyAlice95

Such a soft lovely traditional painting, great shading and they such a great job on all the ruffles in the dress, I can see the motion too, such nice soft colors as well, very beautifully done!

Shaman by DanielleIvanova

The artist won in a contest with this piece if I'm correct! Such a magical piece, amazing lighting and ambient cosy vibe, love how they did the snow, her clothing, the background.. Great color choices! 

AC 03 by wyrmfed

Awesome digital piece with an awesome snow creature! His design is so cool and unique, they did a grat job with the snow and motion of wind and such, great colors as well!

Great lightning by Leopard-Enya

Awesome shot of lighting in the sky! Love the color the sky lights up as it happens. 

                                                     pixel raven by Ankaraven

A great piece of pixelart! The detail and form is stunning!

Perchta by Lepixma

An awesome traditional piece with, again.. Amazing colors! Great way of painting, great style and I love the creepy fairytail vibe! So well done!

Immortal by RIRICHOUX

Last but not least, this melancholic picture of a deadly embrace, with great purple and blue hues, the yellow flowercrown adds so much to the painting and gives some nice contrast!

                                        I hope you enjoyed these! Spring Flower Bullet 

                                                             Bird skull facing right by Asralore

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Can you all stop being so productive, I still have 245 deviations to check from the people I watch..

This is what happens if I don't check and comment each day, I've been postponing it all for a while now, trying to do a few per day, but it just keeps getting more, so I'm gonna bite through the sour apple(which I actually like)
And just go on this comment spree, and just take all your art in.. :p

Still love you :>
Do you ever work on multiple things at once, and just become so confused on what to work on and just feeling empty and sad inside, and being so bad at art.. All of a sudden,. And and.. I don't know.. I'm having a low..

I know I have to catch up on all your artworks! I try to check out all your journals and statusses etc, I might not comment on them, but I do check out the features and I fave so many stuff :>

I have given feedback to some of your newer stuff, but I have to get to all of you.. I also want to create so much, and that's why I first want to make and then give some more feedback.. Ugh, I do have some things finished, I have for a while now, but it's not due yet, and I'm stupid, so that's why it's not uploaded yet.. Ramble ramble..
I sometimes forget to eat.. Is that thing that happens to you too sometimes? I also have it with drinking too.. I don't know how to basic xD
So sick and tired of being blocked from comments.. it can happen too for faves, notes..

Like what the hell, these rules/means for detecting "spamming" or spambots are ridicilous.. Any fast/blind typer can do over 60 comments an hour.. And it seems 60 is the limit for all.. Like what the hell, we're just replying to comments from our friends and commenting on our friends artworks! I feel so punched in the gut by this, like it means so much to me to come on here and converse with you all!

I've been on DA for over 9 years.. Like why would I become a spambot all of a sudden, I mean I'm not copy pasting anything to alot of people, I'm replying as well, and typing it all myself.. I can't help being a fast typer! Like do you have to force yourself to be slow, and just wait 5 minutes in between every comment.. Fave.. Llama whatever???!!!
This is no living.. I've had it happen before, but now I can't post anything.. For hours.. I won't try again.. But I'll try again tomorrow.. I've sent DA a ticket about this, but I can't get the helpdesk page of DA or the FAQ's to load on any browser! And then a friend sent me a link somehow that worked to it and I send a ticket.. then another friend sent me this, this is our answer??!! .. Here's the response you get.. Just wow.. We just have to deal with it, it seems..…

Like I hope they do something about this.. This has become ridicilous..

I'm also letting you all know I can't reply or comment on your comments or artworks, journals.. Not on anything.. Notes seem to be fine so far, since I don't use notes as often..
Sorry for this..
I can't comment or reply on anything, the system thinks it's spam, I've had this problem multiple times, because after I get back from being away a week or more I reply to all my messages and comment on all the artworks of my friends and fave their stuff and such, and because I type so fast, do it all so fast or fave too much.. I get the message saying it thinks I'm spamming, but I'm typing all the comments myself..

Today I didn't even comment or replied to that much things, and I already had it happening again.. I can't comment or reply on ANYTHING.. It's the worst. I do hate DA for this sometimes.. But it's never been this bad.. Anyone else have the same problem? If you do, you probs can't comment on this tho.. Notes do work for me tho..





:icondark-and-beautiful: :iconourartsycorner:


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